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If you are a new user, please self-register here. Self-registration is available to Federal government employees and contractors with a Federal government email address. Federal employees/contractors with a non-government email address as well as non-federal employees performing Federal activities should contact or 202-395-6860. Please visit our FAQ for any questions about accessing MAX or to view our user agreement.

  • MAX Federal Community

    The MAX Federal Community site has compelling capabilities for doing collaborations and information sharing that is far better than our usual work methods of E-mail, attachments, and network file sharing, supporting workgroups and information sharing across office, agency and governmental boundaries. The ability to directly edit Microsoft Office files contained in the Community collaborative editing of shared documents. The fundamental principle of building "knowledge" is to have work from daily activities be able to be repurposed into information with lasting value. The Community allows that to happen - it is easy to learn and powerful enough to be used for a broad scope of daily information sharing and collaboration activities.

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  • MAX A-11 Data Entry (web-based)

    MAX A-11 Data Entry offers agencies a comprehensive tool for entering data required for the President's Budget and Mid-Session Review, as specified in the annual OMB Circular A-11. MAX A-11 allows users to enter data for all three facets of the President's Budget, including the Budget data, Appropriations, and Narratives. In order for users to enter data for their agency, they must have a MAX Id.

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  • MAX Collect

    MAX Collect is a web based application used to create structured data collections. Through MAX Collect, respondents enter data onto a web page which is saved to a secure database. Collect replaces the manual process of developing Excel, Word, or PDF forms, distributing them, collating results, and generating reports. After collecting the structured information, the data is used for producing publications, analysis, and presentation on dashboards. Collect has been used in hundreds of exercises and is used for Mid-Session Review, publishing portions of the President's Budget, and creating fully indexed PDF based briefing books

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  • MAX Analytics

    MAX Analytics is a suite of tools that can be used to analyze, visualize, and distribute data from MAX Collect and other data sources. MAX Analytics includes easy-to-use tools for creating web-based reports, PDF reports, dynamic excel spreadsheets, dashboards, and visually compelling charts and graphs. MAX Analytics reports can include parameters to allow the report consumer to customize the output and reports can be embedded in the Community and other web dashboards. Charts and graphs can be exported and included in documents and presentations. MAX Analytics also includes advanced tools such as ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tools for combining and normalizing data from one or more sources and data mining tools for performing advanced modeling and analysis tasks.

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  • MAX Shared Desktop

    MAX Shared Desktop (MAX SD) provides a unique and mobile-ready virtual desktop capability that can be used to securely hold online meetings with other MAX users. Shared Desktop meeting participants can share control of the virtual desktop's mouse and keyboard to conduct remote presentations as well as collaborative document-editing sessions.

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  • MAX Calendar

    MAX Calendar Calendar is a web based calendar application for tracking any sort of date/time or schedule oriented data. MAX Calendar provides an intuitive interface for entering, viewing, and updating information about events including the date, time, location, and details of the event. MAX Calendar has a similar feel to Microsoft Outlook, or other calendaring tools you are probably already familiar with. However, it allows information to be shared across federal agencies and provides easy web based access from any Internet connected computer.

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  • MAX Survey

    MAX Survey has robust options for navigation and in-survey conditional logic, and can be run either with a generic survey link, or, using "token-based" access control where you pre-define a precise list of respondents and each respondent gets a unique link to access the surveys. Token-based access control enables tracking of responses and personalized follow-up emails to those who haven't yet responded - greatly increasing response rates. They can be designed as remain anonymous (by not including the personal information in the result set), or, can be set up to automatically provide attribution for surveys where knowledge of the submitter is appropriate. Survey results can be downloaded to Excel or accessed via MAX Analytics. MAX Analytics can then be dynamically displayed within the MAX Community within integrated dashboards.

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